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Web safety specialists are warning of recent Mac-concentrating on viruses obtainable on the market on the darknet.

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Apple has shut down what appears to have been the first,. with the malware which would then encrypt files and then demand a ransom of one bitcoin.Under federal law, hospitals are required to report potential medical data breaches involving more than 500 people.So it is no surprise that a hacking organization has instructed Apple to fork over a Bitcoin ransom in.Hospitals and Clinics Cyber Crime Law Enforcement FBI Los Angeles Police Department.In June, intelligence agencies tied the WannaCry attack to the Lazarus Group, an organization that researchers have linked to the North Korean government.A type of malware that locks computer files and demands a fee for their release has successfully targeted Apple computers.Law enforcement officials will be on the alert, tracking where the bitcoin goes, according to Matthieu Suiche, founder of Comae Technologie.

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The incident is believed to be the first Apple-focused attack using ransomware, which typically targets computers running Windows. The ransom is 1 bitcoin,.

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Laura Eimiller, an FBI spokeswoman, said the bureau has taken over the hacking investigation but declined to discuss specifics of the case.Apple Mac users might have been concerned to learn about ransomware targeting their PCs, but the outbreak is tiny in comparison to other infections.

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The 434-bed short-term acute care hospital on Vermont Avenue is owned by CHC of South Korea.March 4th and users were asked to pay a Bitcoin ransom to unlock their files. Apple Ransom Note.Since 2010, at least 158 institutions, including medical providers, insurers and hospitals, have reported being hacked or having information technology issues that compromised patient records, federal records show.Law enforcement sources told The Times that the hospital paid the ransom before reaching out to law enforcement for assistance.Hackers claim to have stolen the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film and are demanding that Disney pay a ransom or. in Bitcoin, which would make it.

The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, which has had its computer systems held ransom by malware since February 5, has paid 40 bitcoins to have their.Factset: FactSet Research Systems Inc. All rights reserved.Bitcoin News: Macransom Bitcoin Ransomware Attacks Apple Users.It certainly won’t be the last.

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Apple has taken the necessary steps to ensure no additional users run risk of getting infected with Bitcoin ransomware Bitcoin ransomware has been a big.

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Palo Alto Networks, a well-respected security firm, has released a report saying they discovered the bitcoin ransomware in Apple Mac OS.Stefanek said patient care was never compromised, nor were hospital records.

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Apple has taken the necessary steps to ensure no additional users run risk of getting infected with Bitcoin ransomware.For months, the ransom money from the massive WannaCry cyberattack sat untouched in online accounts.

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Here are all the ways the Equifax data breach is worse than you can imagine.

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For the time being, researchers and officials will be watching the new bitcoin accounts into which the money has been moved in order to track what happens to it next.