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The most interesting of all Gupta Empire facts is that it became the most powerful empire in world under.He is presently working with UEE Mission, Directorate of Education, Delhi as Programme Manager.

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Remembering The Impact Of The Gupta Dynasty. With the study of Sanskrit, coins, monuments, and inscriptions people are learning more about them now than ever before.

The Gupta Age of the Indian history is compared to the Periclean Age of ancient Greece, the Augustan Era of ancient Rome, and the Elizabethan Age of medieval England.The Coins and Tokens of the Possessions and Colonies of the British Empire.Sources of Information There are plenty of source materials to reconstruct the history of the Gupta period.The names of rulers on Gupta coins are useful in establishing the. the Gupta Empire did not control.The name of Achyuta is aldo found on some coins and he was probably the same ruler who was defeated by Samudragupta.

Maurya Empire of India c. 340. Chandragupta Maurya started first Indian dynasty that ruled for next two. denominations and standards of the Mauryan coins was.

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He is awarded Ph.D. in Education and has also done Diploma in Educational Planning and Administration, Adult and continuing Education and Guidance and Counselling.Although the main object of Fa Hien was to search out Buddhist books and legends, he has also given us many details of the social and religious condition of the country at that time.Samudra Gupta: Regional emperor of. and their territories added to the Gupta empire.The Gupta Empire was one of the largest political and military empires in ancient India.The coins issued by Gupta kings provide details about the titles and sacrifices performed.

Some of his coins such as battle axe, and archer types shows the advancement of the Indianization of the Gupta coinage.The Successors of the Mauryas: A Political History Based on Coins and Inscriptions.It is not possible to explain how Ghatotkacha came to be regarded as the founder of the dynasty.The Coinage of Jaintiapur: With an Account of the Last Days of the Jaintia Raj.

Treasures of the Gupta Empire: A Catalogue of Coins of the Gupta Dynasty.Gupta Empire The Puranas are 18 in number but for our purpose the Vayu Purana, Brahmanda Purana, Matsya Purana, Vishnu Purana and Bhagvat.Sri Gupta and his son Ghaotkacha Gupta were rulers of a small kingdom near Magadha (present day Behar state in India).

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Coinage of the Imperial Gupta - Ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File.A lot of useful information is also available in the account of India left by Fahien.Read this article to learn about the whole history of the Gupta Empire.The names of Sudeva, Brihadisvara, Asvaghosha, Agnimitra, Deva Mitra, Varuna Mitra, Jyeshtha Mitra and Prajapati Mitra are mentioned in the coins as the rulers of Kausambi.

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Republics The names of the republican states were the Arjunayans, Malavas, Yaudheyas, Sibis, Kunindas, Kulutas and Audunbaras.

The name Gupta occurs in ancient India records, particularly of the Sunga and Satavahana periods, but it is not possible to connect them with the imperial Gupta family of the 4th century A.D. It has been suggested that the Guptas.

Gupta Dynasty Indian History including developments in politics, economics, culture, social life, religion and art.Chandragupta II (or Vikramaditya) was the most celebrated king of Gupta Empire.The Gupta Empire (Sanskrit:. is also popularly known as the Golden Age of India and for the right. about this illustrious dynasty through coins,.

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The Gupta Empire rose in Magadha around 4th century AD and covered greater part of the Northern India (though smaller than the Mauryan empire).

The names of some of the Naga rulers of Vidisha were Shisha, Bhogin and Sadachandra Chandramsa.

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Start studying Class 6 Social Science - History - New Empires and Kingdoms. Learn. Gupta gold and silver coins were based on. beginning of the Gupta dynasty.Author Sanjeev Kumar has publishd a new book on coins of the Gupta Dynasty.To this category belong the Setubandha Kavya or Setukavya, Kaumudi.He had also worked for implementing Total Literacy Campaign launched by Delhi Govt. in 1995 to 1998 and motivated large number of illiterate people to become literate and identified thousands of volunteers who had worked for Literacy Campaign.The book includes an excellent section on the iconography, metal analysis, history and the evolution of the designs seen on the Gupta gold coins.However, we do not possess any details regarding the conquests of Chandragupta.

It is to be noted that he is not called a Maharaj but only a Kumar Amatya.Another Chinese traveller, I Tsing, travelled in India after the death of Harsha.