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When purchasing DVC from an owner as opposed to purchasing from the resort.While you will still be able to enjoy the easy points program and additional perks of vacationing at Disney resorts, a few things set DVC resales apart from original DVC purchases.Resale Disney points bank, borrow, and exchange at DVC resorts in exactly the same way regardless of whether you bought them as resales from the current owner or at full price from the Disney Vacation Club.After having taken the plunge himself, Tony takes a very close looks at the variables in buying into Disney Vacation Club.Disney Vacation Club Points Open the Door to Endless Vacations.For more information on how to buy Disney Vacation Club resale, or where to find Disney Vacation Club points for sale at an affordable price, contact a specialist today at 1-877-815-4227.

Have shares at Beach Club and Bay Lake and all are now paid off.

Sell your DVC Points - easy, fast and safe. 5% seller commission with no upfront fees.But when you buy into Disney Vacation Club you are buying real.

Anyone out there that does not own their home, but does own DVC.The specialists at help Disney points buyers, owners, sellers, and renters with the process, keeping it straightforward, easy to understand, and easy to manage.We market your timeshare vacation property worldwide to help timeshare sellers and buyers 603-883-8626 or 800-882-0296.Your Disney Vacation Club points purchased on resale can be used for accommodations at all DVC resorts,.Resales offer an alternative to becoming a DVC member, without leaving.

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Work directly with the owner to negotiate a satisfactory price.

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I am often asked by many friends how to get the best deal on buying in to the Disney Vacation Club.

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Some timeshare brands or vacation ownership clubs may retain the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) when their properties are sold on the resale market.As a buyer of Disney timeshare points resales, you will be able to use your Disney points (based on availability and the number of Disney points you own) at any of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts, including California, Florida, South Carolina, and Hawaii.Are you thinking about buying into the Disney Vacation Club for the first. your guide to the wonderful world of the Disney Vacation Club on the PassPorter blogs.Disney Vacation Club Frequently Asked Questions - A list of Frequently Asked Questions for DVC. When you buy into the DVC,.View our current DVC Resales, get answers to frequently asked questions, see the DVC Points Charts.The Disney Vacation Club has since changed its minimum purchase to be 160 Disney points.

When you buy Disney timeshare on the resale market, all responsibility for the property is transferred to you.

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With themed furnishings and well-placed touches reflecting your favorite Disney characters, your Disney Vacation Club points turn your accommodations into an important part of your vacation fun.

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I am wanting to join DVC and thinking of going through the resale market as opposed to directly through Disney.Well, essentially, there are certain restrictions that a resale ownership is subject to.

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All offers and inquiries on eligible listings go straight to our brokers, allowing for an expedited purchase process.

Disney Timeshare Resales. Buy Disney Vacation Club Timeshare.Buy Disney Vacation Club timeshare resorts, Disney Vacation Club resales when looking for that vacation destination.Lastly, as of April 4, 2016 Disney resale owners no longer receive access to DVC Membership Extras.Find great deals on eBay for disney vacation club and disney vacation club points.

However, those who purchased DVC points on the resale market will not be able to use their points on those bonus features.

DVC Points Selling: Disney Vacation Club owners: sell your spare vacation points and safely and easily.

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Some of these extras include discounts on merchandise, annual passes and restaurants.The Unofficial place to buy or sell your Disney Vacation Club.

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Although points can be applied towards a variety of accommodations, owners must select a DVC home resort when buying a Disney Vacation Club timeshare.This page will explain how to buy Disney Vacation Club points and how they work.